Value-A-Thon is a competition inspired in Hackathons.


Participants dividided in teams have the goal of preparing and presenting an investment case of a company listed at Bovespa, taking into consideration in their analysis both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the company.

Teams have a few weeks to study the company and to prepare material that includes a report, a DCF model, and a final presentation. In the final competition event, each team has 20 min. to pitch its investment case to a judging panel.

All participants get a participation certificate and the winners get an award.

"Value-A-Thon 1H17" Schedule:


1. Online Course (Jan/17):

(All participants have free access to the online course.)


Introduction: Value Investing Philosphy

Chapter I: How to Value a Company

Chapter II: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model

Chapter III: Financial Ratios

Chapter IV: Basic Notions of Accounting

Chapter V: DCF Model @ Excel

2. Snapshot of the Company (Jan/17)

3. Qualitative Analysis of the Company  (Fev/17)

4. Quantitative Analysis of the Company - DCF Model (Feb/17)

5. "Value-A-Thon 1H17": Investment Cases Pitches (Mar/17)








Information e Registration in Future Events: