Sabra Tech R&D

Goal: research about high-tech ecosystem and development of a product related to technology intermediation.



Newsletter - 30/Dec/2016: Main Innovation Clusters in the US -- a one pager with the top 10 innovation clusters in the US.

Newsletter - 30/Nov/2016: Successful Tech Talents from UIUC -- a one-pager with a sample of successful tech entrepreneurs that have studied at UIUC.


Newsletter - 31/Oct/2016: Research Park at UIUC -- a one-pager with a brief description of this high-tech ecosystem.


Newsletter - 30/Sep/2016: High Tech Innovation at UIUC -- a one-pager with an introduction to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) high-tech ecosystem.


Newsletter - 31/Aug/2016: Israeli Universities Go Abroad -- a one-pager sample of collaborations between Israeli and overseas universities, which recently include brick-and-mortar joint institutes.


Newsletter - 29/Jul/2016: Israel: Managing Security for Rio Olympics -- a one-pager with a sample of Israeli companies in the field of Security & Safety. The Olympic Games will be a unique stage for practical demonstration of Israeli capabilities in this filed.


Newsletter - 30/Jun/2016: Multinational Corporations in Israel -- a one-pager with a sample of multinational corporations with presence in Israel.


Newsletter - 31/May/2016: Volcani Center: A World Leader in Agriculture -- a one-pager about the largest agricultural institute in Israel, which provides 70% of all agricultutal research for innovation in the country.


Newsletter - 29/Apr/2016: Israel: Disrupting Transportation -- a one-pager with 3 Israeli companies (Mobileye, Moovit, and Via) that have been disrupting Transportation.


Newsletter - 31/Mar/2016: Nanotechnology in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry -- a one-pager with applications of Nanotech in the CPG industry. Israel is a key player for innovation in this area.


Newsletter - 24/Feb/2016: Cyber Security in Israel -- a one-pager with industry trends for 2016 and a brief description of the Beer Sheva ecosystem for cyber security technology.


Newsletter - 11/Feb/2016: Nanotechnology Research in Israel -- a 1-pager map of research areas and research institutes.








Israeli Startups 2015: A High-Tech Look Into the Future:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - July 22, 2015


The conference was a one-day event designed to showcase Israel's capabilities in high-tech innovation and to create opportunities for Brazilian companies, investors, and high-tech entrepreneurs to interact with Israeli companies.


We were very pleased to have exceptional Israeli companies displaying their innovative technologies. The following companies were presented: WiseSec, BT9, Consumer Physics, Fourier Education, Mobileye, Pango, Hola, Caja, Missbeez, WorkCapital, and Townflix.


You can review all the presentations through the following links:


The Israeli Economy and High-Tech Ecosystem, by Fernanda Torós, PhD (Sabra Capital)


Track #1: WiseSec / BT9 / Consumer Physics / Fourier Education


Track #2: Mobileye / Pango / Hola - Caja - Missbeez (iAngels)


Track #3: WorkCapital / Townflix