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Course: Corporate Finance - Valuation (in Portuguese):






























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Requirements: Basic knowledge of Math and English.


Target audience: those who are interested in learning more about investments and valuation.



Introduction: Value Investing Philosophy

Chapter I: How to value a company

Capítulo II: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model

Capítulo III: Financial Ratios

Capítulo IV: Basic Notions of Accounting

Capítulo V: DCF Model @ Excel


Supporting MaterialExcel spreadsheet with DCF model


Organization / Course InstructorFernanda Torós, PhD



  • PhD in Economics and MS in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign (UIUC).

  • BA and MA in Economics from PUC-Rio, Brazil.

  • Founding Partner, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer at Sabra Capital, an independent Asset Management company founded in 2012, Its focus is on Brazilian equities listed at Bovespa. It follows an investment philosophy based on fundamental analysis, and therefore it conducts an in-depth analysis of the companies during the investment process.

  • Previously, she was portfolio manager at Oren Investimentos, and portfolio manager and head of equity research at Nest Investimentos. She also worked at Leblon Equities, Investidor Profissional (IP), Credit Suisse, and Ambev.

  • She taught courses in International Finance (Virginia Tech), Corporate Finance (UIUC), Microeconomics (PUC-Rio), and Finance (Ibmec-SP).

  • During her years at UIUC, for 07 consecutive semesters she was included in "The Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students".

  • Awards: 2005 All-Brazil Research Team, 2001-02 Laura L. Fraley Award (academic merit), 2002 Undergraduate Excellence-in-Teaching by a Teaching Assistant Award, 2001-02 Leonard J. and Sharon Crowley Santow Award for Teaching Excellence, Lemann Scholarship (1999), University of Illinois Fellowship (1998/1999), CAPES Fellowship (1997), and CNPq Fellowship (1995/96).



Value-A-Thon is a competition inspired in Hackathons. Participants dividided in teams have the goal of preparing and presenting an investment case of a company listed at Bovespa, taking into consideration in their analysis both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the company. More details at: Value-A-Thon


Short Videos:



Como Avaliar uma Empresa?


(in Portuguese only)


We introduce the process that value investors use to evaluate a given company. This process involves both qualitative and quantitative aspects.





























O Que Distingue Empresas Excepcionais das Outras Empresas?


(in Portuguese only)


We discuss concepts extracted from Jim Collins' books - "Good to Great" and "Built to Last" - that help us understand what makes a company exceptional.